4/28/20- In order to ensure accuracy and confidence in our website inventory, we sync with our distributor’s inventory twice a day to keep non-stock items up to date. This ensures that anything that you order on our site we either have in stock already or we are able to order to fulfill your request.  If you have any questions about a product’s availability please send an email to [email protected]

Please Note: We are finally getting back to normal. However, we are expecting a 2 to 3-day delay in shipping for the next few weeks. We will update you regularly on the status of your order via email and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us an email to [email protected] or message us on Tar River Arms Facebook Site

Ready To Purchase Your Firearm Online

At TarRiverArms.Com we want to make the online firearm purchase easier then going to a local dealer, we want to make as easy possible to identify what type of firearm you are comfortable with, regardless of your personal knowledge about firearms, and we want to be a source for all your firearm needs. Purchasing a firearm online is legal, it’s safe, and like most other things on the world wide web, it’s cheaper than purchasing from your brick and mortar stores.

Shopping for firearms online can provide you with a wealth of firearm information, more than you need, and can give you a quick and powerful way to find what you are looking for cheaper. And better yet, you don’t have to drive from store to store for days to find what you want, or to determine if they have what you want, and the whole process, wastes precious time. TarRiverArms.com has several partnerships with the three largest wholesalers in the country and if we don’t have it, then its very likely they won’t either. That is our goal at TarRiverArms.com, we want to make purchasing a firearm online easy and mainstream.

Purchasing Firearms Online Q&A

  • How do I know if what I am purchasing is right for me?
    • TarRiverArms.com includes an easy to understand rating system that is available for every firearm in inventory (Ballistic Gel Impact Rating System) and this handy feature provides you with a easy to understand visual reference that helps you understand the overall power of the firearm you are considering
    • If you are a local customer, we can arrange to meet and schedule time to shoot on my private range the various handguns and rifles I have in stock- call for details
  • Can I have the Firearm shipped directly to my home?
    • No, Federal laws requires all firearms dealers to ship firearms to a purchasers local licensed Firearms Dealer, they must be able to provide a FFL license
  • What information do you need to ship to my local licensed firearm dealer (FFL)?
    • It’s easy, we need your dealer name and phone number and a TarRiverArms.com sales associate will take of the rest
  • Will I be able to track my purchase and shipping to my local licensed firearms dealer?
    • Yes, you can call us at 919.453.4279 or ask for a status update or contact us by email at [email protected]
    • If you sign up for your own account on TarRiverArms.com you will have access to a user portal specific to your current/past purchases, as well as, status updates on and orders being processed or is in process
    • You can also call the local licensed firearms dealer you choose for pickup and they should be able to also tell you where the order is in shipping
    • If you setup a TRA account at checkout or at any other time, you will be able to see our updates to the order as they happen within your TRA account portal
  • How long will it be before I can pick up my firearm/s from my local licensed firearms dealer after purchase if I choose to ship?
    • On average, expect the time-frame to be from 6-7 business days
    • The shipping can be expedited by choosing faster shipping methods, but unfortunately processing the order cannot be expedited due to the logistics of working with an out of state dealer
  • What information will I need when I go to pick up my firearm from licensed local firearms dealer?
    • You will need to verify with your pick up dealer what information and documentation is required prior to picking up your firearm
    • You can find information online by searching for: “TypeYourStateHere” Gun Purchasing Requirements and review the many state and federal websites that provide the rules and regulations for firearm purchases in your state (IMPORTANT: TarRiverArms.com is not responsible for the information on the web, so please verify anything you read on the web with your local firearms dealer before picking up your firearm)
    • A good website for information about your states local firearm purchase laws is the NRA -IL website and is a good source for  you use to find up to date information (https://www.nraila.org/gun-laws/state-gun-laws/)
  • If I am not able to pick up my firearm from my local licensed dealer due to permitting/NICS E-check issues, will I get my money refunded for the firearm?
    • Ultimately it is your responsibility to meet your states requirements for purchasing a firearm of any kind online, or in a store, and we highly recommend that you acquire your permits prior to purchasing, as well as, check with your local Sheriff’s office to determine exactly what you need before purchasing on a firearm of any kind
      • Out of State Purchasers: At TarRiverArms.com we understand that things happen out of your control and typically all sales are final with this one exception. If you are unable to pick up your firearm from your shipping dealer due to permitting issues, we will refund 75% of your purchase after your local dealer has sent back the firearm and we have logged into our systems.
        • All return shipping and FFL transfer fees are non-refundable for any reason
        • Please expect the refund could take up to 30 business days
        • For this reason, we can’t stress enough the importance of ensuring you are licensed/permitted prior to your purchase to avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of having to do a return under the conditions stated above
      • Local TarRiverArms.com Pickup: We will return 100% of your purchase if you are unable to attain your permit or pass a NICS E-Check
        • If picking up locally, we recommend that you call or email us prior to your purchase at sales.tarriverarms.com/919.453.4279

TarRiverArms.com Ballistic Gel Impact Product Rating (BGPR)? – Coming Soon

One of the biggest challenges for people is to understand the impact of bullet sizes that are offered in many forms of firearms, as well as, how they impact the intended use of the firearm, and how it affects the overall shooting of the firearm. To assist our customers, TarRiverArms.com has devised a simple to use and visual rating system to help you understand if the firearm you are looking to purchase is right for you. Simply put, this rating system allows you to quickly see what kind of impact the bullet makes hits ballistic gel. Using the ballistic gel rating system that will be available your product page you will quickly be able to see the rating by the number ballistic gel icons you see, and if you hover over the ratings with your mouse, a short 3 second video will appear that shows you the damage sustained to the ballistic gel block when the bullet makes impact. Not only is this fun, it will give you a great understanding of what will happen on the range when your bullets hit their targets, or if your hunting and you hit your game, and/or in a self defense scenario and you want to understand the stopping power of your firearm.

We will continue to evolve this rating system to include people’s ratings, comfort, size, accuracy, etc… It is our intention to continuing make this better based off your comments and suggestions. We believe this system will give you the best tool on the web for helping you choose your firearm online regardless of your overall knowledge of firearms.

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