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Springfield Armory 911 380ACP 7rd

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Springfield Armory 911 380ACP 7rd Extended Factory Magazine


Heard of that old saying, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? Yeah, that doesn’t apply to magazines. First of all, the Springfield Armory 911 380ACP 7rd Extended Factory Magazine holds 7 rounds, which is way more than 1 bird. Secondly, the second bird in the bush is the second mag you are about to add to the cart. And I would rather have 2 magazines and 14 rounds on my belt than two birds in a bush. If this sounds like nonsense, don’t worry, add this item to your cart. It will make sense once you buy it. Seriously, everyone needs extra magazines, especially extra magazines that have more rounds than the original magazines.

Buy this incredibly durable metal magazine manufactured by Springfield Armory itself. With roots in America as deep as the revolution, Springfield Armory seeks to bring weaponry to the American people with all the best features. Defend your home, your family, your country, and your legacy with Springfield Armory.


Buy this helpful Springfield Armory 911 380ACP 7rd magazine online today and see just how convenient it is to purchase through Tar River Arms, your local gun store online!


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Brand: Springfield Armory Magazines
Caliber: 380 Auto (ACP)
Capacity: 7-Round
Material: Steel


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