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Rapid Strike Pepper Spray 1.8oz


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Rapid Strike Pepper Spray by MFT 1.8OZ

Regret in a Can

Rapid Strike Pepper Spray 1.8oz is instant regret in a can. Any person who gets a shot of this in their face, not only experiences pain, discomfort, and difficulty breathing, they also start to think. Here at Tar River Arms, we like to imagine what the assailant might be thinking right after they get sprayed in the face.

Bad Guy Thoughts

‘Holy crap! This is death! AHHH! What life choices led me into this terrible pain and awful circumstances!? My eyes are melting, and I can’t breathe! Everything burns. And my face burns like a thousand suns and my throat burns like a million habeñero peppers on fire mixed into a molten lava shake! Why have my lungs turned into a fiery furnace whose flames embolden with every shallow and painstaking breath? Did I just cough up a blackened and burnt lung?’

‘I immediately regret my life choices and I regret waking up today and committing a crime. If I survive this chemical onslaught things shall be different. No more painful life of crime for me. I will get a job at a DMV or an insurance company where I have no chance of encountering pepper spray. My taxes will be paid, and I will volunteer at an animal shelter on my weekends. Oh my despised eyes and throat! I’ll happily clean out messy kennels if only this wretched pain would stop!’

Change the World

Anyway, that’s what we imagine criminals will think when they get hit with this potent mixture. Another cool feature, as an ultra violet dye mixed into each Rapid Strike spray. Just in case they try to convince the officer that they experienced the worst break-up of their life and that’s why their face is red and extremely puffy, the officer can use a black light to reveal the secret dye. With up to 25 sprays and an 18 foot range, every assailant will wish they had a boring old 9-5 that kept them from a life a crime and away from the hero that you now are with Rapid strike on your side.

As an added bonus you just convinced someone to change their life for the better. Make America great again, with a can of life changing Rapid Strike Pepper Spray 1.8oz.


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  • OC/UV -Level 3 10% OC – 1.33% T.C. 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units
  • Maximum effectiveness and stopping power
  • Same formulation used by the US Army & Air Force. Manufactured in a Department of Defense approved facility
  • Identify your attacker with an ultra-violet dye, visible under a black light
  • Independent High Performance Liquid Chromatography testing ensures consistent performance
  • Stores safely for 5 years
  • Home Protection
  • Effective up to 18 ft
  • Spray Up to 25 Times


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