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Heckler and Koch HK45 Tactical V1 Pistol

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Heckler and Koch HK45 Tactical V1 Pistol


Gorgeous. Tactical. Won’t wake the baby.


Meet the Heckler and Koch HK45 Tactical V1 Pistol. From the threaded barrel to the curvy grips the HK45 is the answer. The answer to all our problems. The HK45 has tactical written all over it. Starting with the suppressor high sights, this firearm is ready to go. Throw a can on, line up the sights and have a blast or ten. 45 ACP loves to run suppressed, since its velocity is slower than a 9mm. This viscous beast is quiet as a church mouse when suppressed.

The HK45 sits at 10+1 capacity. It has the rail to mount a totally tacti-cool light that strobes or blinds. Some nice features that sit on most HK poly-pistols are the paddle magazine release (inherently ambidextrous) and the ambidextrous slide catch. Perfect for training with the weak hand, the HK45 is ambidextrous for use in either competition or in defensive scenarios where one hand is out of commission. HK has a reputation to maintain, and in this handgun has been through to the test. The HK45 has surpassed 45,000 rounds before any major failure or parts breakage.

Heckler and Koch began creating in 1949. And since their beginning they determined to be the best company in the industry without any compromises. HK has achieved that status as a leader in the industry with several decades long military contracts. HK designs are world renown with their unique and effective firearms. Their success has generated fans and clones of their most famous products. From John McClain and John Wick to its everyday owners, HK is a company of legend. Own the best. Keine Kompromisse! No compromises!  


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ITEM: HK745001T-A5

FAMILY:HK45 Series

MODEL:HK45 Tactical (V1)

TYPE:Semi-Auto Pistol

ACTION:Double / Single Action


STOCK/FRAME:Polymer Frame

SPC FEATURE:Threaded Barrel Model



DESC:10 rd.

SIGHTS:Night sights

SAFETY:Manual Safety Lever/Decock

ADDL INFO:One additional backstrap incl


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