Bring Your firearms in for Gunsmithing Services or work with your TRA sales specialist to upgrade your firearm purchased from
With so many options, parts, and customization you can make  to today’s firearms its important that you have someone who can guide you to the right services that meets and exceeds your expectations. Our experienced gunsmiths have been working with guns for all of their lives, are certified Master Gunsmiths, and we take care in building, repairing, and customize your firearms like they were ours.


Tar River Arms offers the following comprehensive gunsmith services:

  • Mounting iron sights

  • Scope mounting

  • Bore sighting

  • Trigger jobs- 3 Gunners ask about Binary Trigger installs

  • New trigger installation

  • Customizing 1911 type autos

  • Stippling
  • Fixing/troubleshooting broken or non-working firearms
  • Firearm consignment
  • Firearm sales
  • New/used firearms
 Contact us for an estimate for any of these services or requests you may have at 919.263.1110 or send us an email at