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From Wagons to the Army’s Chosen One, Why You Should Buy a SIG SAUER.


SIG SAUER is known for their great guns and amazing optics. SIG SAUER has been a brand leader in the gun industry for a long time. In this article we cover all the reasons you should own a SIG SAUER. But first, a little history.


In 1853, three dudes (Friedrich Peyer im Hof, Heinrich Moser, and Conrad Neher) started a wagon business in Switzerland. That’s cool I guess. I mean cars wouldn’t be mass produced for another 50-ish years. Apparently, their  wagons were successful. And then for some reason they decided to get involved in the arms game and developed a state of the art muzzle loader for the Swiss Army. In case you were unaware, wagons and guns are produced in pretty much the same way. In 1864, they succeeded and the company’s name was changed from WBRCW  (We Build Really Cool Wagons) to SIG (Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft or translated Swiss Industrial Company). There you have it. The birth of the beloved SIG.


History is cool to look at. It always reveals a theme. Reading into the history of SIG SAUER, I came to one conclusion. SIG SAUER is persistent innovation. And this one attribute is enough reason to buy a SIG. Whether you’re looking for a pistol, a rifle, an optic, an air gun, or a box of ammo, SIG has you covered.



As you can imagine, SIG has been making handguns for a while. Their first was the SIG P210 back in 1937. This gun is a personal favorite of mine, and it holds the same quality today has its first counterpart back in ’37, accuracy. The P210 is one of my favorite handguns ever. It is incredibly beautiful in its simplistic design. This hammer fired gun rocks a slide that feels like it runs on ball bearings, and the trigger… it is just perfectly smooth.


Even the P320 line is incredibly accurate. (Don’t trust my word on it, check out this video). SIG has taken the P320 line and created a durable, modular, and incredibly accurate handgun system. SIG’s persistent innovation has led to some of the most accurate handguns ever created.


The P210 and P320 lines prove that SIG is persistent innovation in accuracy.



Now I mentioned earlier the modularity of the P320 line, and it’s true. The internals are serialized the legal gun. This means, a buyer can easily upgrade, swap grips, change calibers, or almost any other customization. This is perhaps the main reason for the Army’s adoption of the P320 M17 and M18. The modularity allows the army to swap parts easily and when needed. Not only is modularity possible, but it is in the ease of the modularity that the P320 models really shine. Break down and removal of all internals hinge on one pin. Yeah, one pin. No really, one pin.


Not only are there handguns modular, SIG has brought some crazy modularity to their rifles. Again, another favorite, I want to highlight the MCX Virtus. I was a little confused when I saw the buttstock fold without revealing a buffer tube. It’s crazy how they buffer the bolt in this piston driven system, but that’s another topic for another day. I wanted to point out the modularity in this rifle. It allows the user to easily remove and install interchangeable barrels. Everybody loves shooting .300 AAC Blackout. Unfortunately, everyone hates paying for it. The MCX Virtus lets the user switch out the .300 BLK barrel for the 5.56 NATO or vis versa. This is greater for the user experience, since it allows for home defense or hunting in the .300 BLK configuration and then practice and sport in the 5.56 NATO Configuration.


The P320 line and the MCX Virtus line all add further proof that SIG is persistent innovation in modularity.



My last argument for SIG is innovative. I don’t know if you have noticed by I have been hinting throughout the whole article that SIG is persistent innovation. And to argue this last point I need to compare it against another company (that I also love). Glock has done a great job perfecting the poly-pistol. And we love it, but that’s all they’ve done. I also know They’ve only been around for just under 40 years compared to SIG’s 156-year reign. But time has been kind to SIG, or rather, SIG has taken advantage of time.


SIG SAUER has used its long life to master pistols and rifles. But not only that, SIG also makes ammunition. And guess what, SIG also makes optics. Oh, hold on, I forgot that they also make air guns. Glock makes plastic pistols, and we love them for that, but that’s all they do. SIG makes all types of handguns, from polymer to steel frame, from striker fired to hammer fired. SIG also makes optics, and ammo, and rifles, and pistol caliber carbines. AND THEY DO IT WELL! Walmart sells a ton of stuff. But it’s all terrible quality. SIG designs, manufactures, and sells a lot of stuff that actually has quality. SIG is the anti-Walmart of the gun world.



SIG has set a standard for the gun world. They are quality in quantity. They have innovative several fields when most companies struggle at one. Owning a SIG is owning a product that has been tested through time and torture to bring about the most innovative and quality product you can own.



Just to harp on the persistent innovation. SIG has announced the carry version of the P210 (a.k.a. concealed accuracy). They have also announced the SIG SAUER CROSS a crazy light and feature rich bolt action rifle chambered in several common rounds and it’s very own and brand new .277 Fury round.


So yeah, persistent innovation in 2020, check.