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Why Glock?

Deciding on a new handgun can be difficult. Every manufacturer has its positives. Here, we will discover why you should own a Glock, your piece of perfection.

Glock is the best thing to happen to plastic since G.I. Joe. And just like G.I. Joe, Glock is affordable, durable, reliable, unique yet prevalent, and can be accessorized with the coolest gadgets and upgrades (minus the kung-fu grip). 


The Glock handgun, invented by the legendary Gaston Glock in the early ’80s, revolutionized the gun world. By 1983 the Austrian Army adopted the pistol, by 1986 Glock set up their US headquarters in Smyrna, Georgia, and by 2020, they have become a leading handgun manufacturer worldwide. Roughly 65% of American police departments issue Glocks. And despite that large number, the civilian sales are even higher. People who own one Glock seem to own six Glocks.

So let’s talk about this phenomenon. Glock didn’t officially make it to the scene until 1983. That is incredibly young, especially when compared to other companies such as Colt (1855), Smith and Wesson (1856), Walther (1886). Heckler and Koch (1942). How did Glock disrupt an industry in which some of its direct competitors had a 128-year head start?

Glock. Perfection. Glock’s own slogan, while a little confident, is perfection. Essentially, Glock claims that they sell the perfect handgun or at least perfectly sell a great handgun. So, we’re going to explore a few reasons why you should buy a Glock, the gun that revolutionized the handgun market.

Price and Secrets

So, this dude, Gaston Glock, with his manufacturing mind, designed not only the Glock but also a new manufacturing technique. Since Glock designed the gun, he designed the manufacturing process around the gun, making it one of the most efficient manufacturing processes in the gun world.

Go ahead, call up Glock, ask to tour a factory (I did, and they are pretty cryptic). Glock doesn’t allow factory tours, because they still hold their process a secret. Their polymer mixture, also a well-kept secret. All this secrecy is actually great for us.  Additionally, Glock’s inventions have decreased the number of parts used in their handgun (34 parts in G17). Fewer parts equal fewer things to breaks as well as cheaper to build. His secret inventions and slimmed down designs allow Glock to sell their firearms at a cheaper price.

While Glock prices are nowhere near Taurus or Canik prices, Glock is still relatively affordable. Plus, we shouldn’t ever buy a gun based on just one attribute. Let’s explore some more attributes.


Glock’s are not gorgeous. They just aren’t. Glocks are like that girl or guy you met in college. They weren’t the cutest person, but man, were they there for you. It didn’t matter how you treated them; they were always present in your time of need. Meet Glock. 

Glock has never been fancy. They have always been plain, but whatever they lack in flash and frills they make up for in sheer reliability. Glocks are hammers, they are simple tools that have one function, and they can perform that function over and over again. Glock has spent the last 40 years creating a pistol that the world can trust. Whether you plan on carrying it with you daily, or having it as a house gun, despite its plain face, Glock has your six.


Glock created a machine that was incredibly unique. If you’ve ever been in a gun shop before and if you’ve ever asked the salesperson, “Why Glock?” he probably muttered something about the Glock point. In his design, Gaston Glock intended to create a unique point to the Glock itself. Glock guns have a different point than other pistols on the market. Starting in the grip, the Glock is designed in a way that intentionally contours your hold to a position that more naturally decreases muzzle flip and minimizes time for sight acquisitions. 

Additionally, Glock has a lower bore axis than some other manufacturers tend to have in their firearms. The combination of the bore axis and the unique grip add to a weapon that is easy to run in defensive situations. 


Due to the widespread popularity of Glock in both the civilian and government world, aftermarket parts and upgrades are readily available. In fact, there are so many aftermarket parts for Glock that you can even build a ‘Glock’ from parts never even made by Glock. It is a little ironic that Glock claims ‘perfection’ and yet there is such a large market for additional accessories or upgrades. All this means is that while Glock might be the perfect handgun, there is still room to edit the Glock to fit your personal needs and desires. Perhaps that is really what makes the Glock perfect, the ability to perfectly customize your gun to you. 

Summing it up

Glock is that guy or girl you should have married in college. They are always reliable. They don’t hurt you. While they are not particularly beautiful, you know they are your perfect match. So, stop fighting your feelings. Dive into this relationship you’ve been ignoring. Get a Glock. Own perfection. Be reliably happy.