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Sig Sauer MCX Patrol Rifle

The Sig Design team really created a gem with this AR platform if you ask me. I have had one of these for a few years now in my arsenal and every time I take this out I am just amazed how easy it is to shoot, how accurate it is, and frankly, how in my opinion is one of the best AR platforms on the market today.

One of my favorite features of this firearm, besides it is very light, easy to maintain, foldable, and accurate, is that I can switch from 5.56 to .300 BLK through a simple switch of the barrel that only takes minutes to change. Even better, once I make that switch to 300 BLK and incorporate a suppressor, shooting subsonic rounds is just a simple as a switch on the gas block to change the operation of the gun to handle the lighter pistol powders that it takes to run subsonic speeds. Can you say awesome!

Some other advances in this rifle were to build off the lessons learned in previous piston-driven systems and to improve upon the Stoner-designed AR which included the use of a steel cam-pin path and steel feed ramp. The cam-pin takes a beating on a piston system because the piston system removes any opposing forces from inside the bolt carrier and it smacks the crud out of the gas key to make it cycle. This results in the cam-pin getting knocked to the rear into the upper receiver. Sig placed a replaceable steel cam-pin in the MCX that won’t wear anywhere near as fast as a bare aluminum upper receiver and is very easily replaced should it wear out. General use, not likely going to happen. But I always say, “never say never” and just thank Sig for having the foresight to make this stronger and replaceable just in case.

Another stroke of genius is placing a steel insert on the feed ramp. During the testing stage is has been reported that Sig discovered that steel-core ammunition was chewing up the feed ramp when in heavy use. Since steel-core ammo is widely available and sold in just about all ammo that comes out of Eastern Europe and Russia, Sig determined that it would be a good idea to protect the gun no matter what ammo was being shot through it. THANK YOU!

If this wasn’t enough, Sig also included several options for side-folding and collapsible stocks and has multiple handgun options that even includes an option for the KeyMod fans out there. What more can you ask for?

I have spent days/nights on the range and in the woods, target shooting, and hunting hogs with this rifle. It is easy to see why this is being used by our SOF teams and civilian shooters all over the world.  This rifle is in my safe, I never plan to get rid of it, and we recommend that you seriously consider the MCX in any of its versions for your next duty, competition, hunting, or target rifle.

Product and Purchase Information: https://www.tarriverarms.com/product/sig-sauer-mcx-patrol-rifle-300-blk/