Marlin 336 Dark Series Rifle

When people think about lever action guns they think about the wild west. When I look at this gun, I not only see the wild west, I see a blacked-out, brush, hog, deer, and truck gun that combines the right mix of lever-action nostalgia and tactical enhancements that make this a must-have rifle for the outdoor shooter.

The Model 336 Dark Series is slightly different than the original. When you first look at it, you see a host of tactical options that don’t exist with the style of the original Marlin 336 series rifles. Starting with a black parkerized finish and a black-webbed hardwood stock/for-end, it has a threaded barrel, the famous big loop lever, XS Lever Rail, and Ghost Ring Peep Sites that keeps the door open to all sort of co-existed optic options.

At first glance, it does appear to be tactical in design, and it is by most standards. However, I would tend to lean towards this being more of a hunter’s lever-action dream rifle than a tactical self-defense rifle.

The Marlin 336 Dark weighs around 7.65 pounds, its overall length is 34.5 inches, and it has a threaded barrel that just breaks the SBR barrier of 16.25 inches. In short, it does have a little bit of weight on it compared to some rifles, but because it’s so short, and it comes with a braided black paracord sling, the other features mentioned above, it might be the perfect rifle to trek around the woods with for whatever shooting sport you are doing. Did I mention it can be suppressed as well? That is a tremendous win with so many possibilities.

Net Net, Marlin Lever Action guns are one of the coolest rifles on the market today and in my opinion, the added tactical uplifts added to the 336 Dark model gives the lever-action a new look for a modern era while maintaining the legendary speed, accuracy, and performance you expect from a Marlin lever-action rifle. Our recommendation is to buy it, shoot it, and love it, you won’t regret it.

Buy this rifle online, check it out on Marlin’s website, call into Tar River Arms, and/or stop by to check out this Marlin Lever Action masterpiece.


  • 30-30 Win.
  • 5-shot, full length tubular magazine
  • 16.25″ Barrel
  • Threaded muzzle – 5/8″x24
  • Parkerized finish on metal
  • Paracord Sling
  • XS Lever Rail with Ghost Ring
  • Black stock painted with black webbing
  • Big Loop Lever
  • Paracord wrapped lever
  • Overall Length: 34.5″
  • Approximate Weight: 7.65lbs

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