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Tar River Arms (TRA) is a company influenced by my roots, love of outdoors, love of business, United States Marine Corps, and a career advising Federal/State governments, as well as,  commercial business’s how to transform what they do, to do it more efficiently.

I grew up in Eastern NC and my time as a child was spent hunting, fishing, bridge jumping, or swimming in the Tar River. Those experiences are why this company is named Tar River Arms, is what fuels my desire to bring Tar River Arms to life across the USA, and is why we desire to become America’s provider of firearms for all types of uses and for all types of customers. 

I joined the United States Marine Corp in the early 90’s and becoming a Marine was something I always knew I would do. Being a Marine provided me an opportunity to run around outdoors, learn more about firearms, it gave me the educational opportunities that help start my civilian career, and is the how and why Tar River Arms exists today.  After the Marine Corps, I started my career in computer technology which also provided an opportunity to serve my country in a different way. I began advising and selling technology solutions to the DoD, State, & Local governments, and Law enforcement agencies across the United States. 

At Tar River Arms we believe that every American has a duty to practice the 2nd Amendment in any way that they feel comfortable. This was clearly written and documented by our founders and I personally believe that practicing the 1st and 2nd amendments, regardless of your political beliefs, is the only way America stays a free country. In order to ensure that we have that right, Tar River Arms is proud to be using 21st century tools, new innovations, and new approaches to the way we sell our firearms and accessories. 

Thank You,

Kurt Lieberman



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